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Time Magic

What does ‘time’ mean to you? Do you check off each day on the calendar, or sink into each moment like an expansive pool? Most of us experience that it feels like it moves faster each year, yet each day still has 24 hours in it. Recently, I’ve been using my experience of time as a cue. Some days, everything flows and there is (more than!) enough time. Other days, I find I’m running late from the beginning, and have no idea where time went.

What I’ve learned is this: the days when there’s plenty of time, I’ve noticed that it’s because I’ve given myself what I need most. On the other days, it feels as if I’m following the pull and tug of what’s urgent for others, without grounding myself first.

Knowing that helps me see how much control I have about my relationship with time – do I choose to live in the moment, and sense it as expansive? Do I prioritize what’s most important? Or do I focus on the past or the future, and watch it compress?

On March 24th, I’ll be sharing a workshop on Time Magic in Edgecomb so that, together, we can create more space for the flow we all thrive in. I invite you to dive in and explore your relationship with time.

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More of What you Love

My daughter recently chose a little notebook with the phrase “do more of what you love” on it, and I find myself re-visiting that phrase as a mantra. Even in the midst of many competing commitments, I know there is time in my life for the important things that I love. For me, one of those is moving my body to music. I know from experience that when I move in community with others it is a much richer experience for me than when I dance alone, and I can sense that we heal together on a deeper level.

What are the things you love? If you haven’t tried Nia, I invite you to experience it, to see if it’s something you do, indeed, love.

In addition to upcoming classes in Wiscasset and Damariscotta, on Friday Sept. 21 at 10am, Erin Curren and I will be sharing a Nia Demo at Common Ground Fair in Unity. Join us for the Joy!!

Dancing Nia in the Whole Life Tent


Melt with Pleasure

I’m in a space of learning how to embrace my feminine energy fully. As part of that, I’ve started to realize where, and how, my body had held rigidity, especially in my spine. Have you ever had someone touch you gently on the arm or back, and realized how unyielding that part of your body was? I experienced this more and more over the last couple of years, as I put a lot of effort into ‘holding it together’ in all arenas of my life.

It took me a time to realize that what I really needed to do was soften into everything. Lately, I’ve been doing this by practicing receiving on phone calls with friends. And I’ve started taking dance breaks during the day (even at work!).


What I’ve received is a shift in my body, from a conscious fight at first to let just a little softness in, to much more flow and pleasure in every moment. When I’m sharing Nia, this is so completely amped up that my body turns to liquid and I can barely speak.

My invitation to you is to practice melting into music through movement – just for one minute – tomorrow. Maybe the next day you do it for a whole song, and the following day you  take two dance breaks (I’ve found a conference room at work with no windows to be the perfect place to melt, so I can re-energize!).

I’d love to hear how it goes for you. And, of course, you can always come to a Nia class to receive.


Effortless Power and Grace

You know the moments – the ones when you don’t think about it, you just do it, and you feel full in full command while you do. Whether walking down the street, stepping out of bed, in a meeting, helping your ornery child make better choices, or dancing, you have this energy potential.


When you’re in “the zone”, you are aligned with The Body’s Way. Nia provides five principles to help you tap into that effortless power moment to moment, day to day.

One of these five principles is: the Body Demands Balance. To increase your potential for balance, pay attention to left-right, inside-outside, movements ranging from small to large, integrating your body and its connection to earth and heaven, and your breath. See what you notice!

To learn more, join me for a workshop on December 9, in Unity.

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Breath is our lifeforce energy – you have the ability to literally feed each cell with your breath. It is, however, easy to forget to breathe, to hold one’s breath. By accessing the power of your breath, you can access the power of you: your beauty, your energy, and your uniqueness.

Here’s a tip from Nia I just had to share – it contains such delicious sensory options!

“Imagine the core of your body is a rosebud. As you inhale, it opens fully and you can smell the fragrance. As you exhale, the rosebud closes slowly and you feel its petals closing around your heart. You are relaxed. Exhale and surrender into relaxation.”

Read more about honoring your body through breath.

May your days, and your breath, unfurl fully.

Fill Your Cup

Lately, I have found that I don’t feel like I have time to wait for the glass in my hand to fill when I’m at the faucet. I have checked with a few friends and loved ones, and they said the same.

We are in a time of uncertainty, and it’s a challenge to feel grounded and energized in the middle of it all. Here are a few little things that help me to reunite all the parts of me back together:

  • Take 3-5 deep breaths in. Feel your body expand on the breath in, and relax as you exhale.
  • Make time for a 1-2 minute sitting or standing meditation. If you choose, you can envision your body filling up with love and light.
  • Do a one song long dance party – in your office, kitchen, living room, or even car. This can be subtle or big, on your own, or with others.
  • Hold your arms up in a ‘v’ shape and envision your cup filling with whatever you need, while being conscious of your breath.

These are great quick re-sets, but we all need more. I invite you to join for a Sunday Nia class in Wiscasset all month from 4:30-5:30pm. I am also subbing for the fabulous Erin Curren at the Women’s Fitness Studio and Spa on Fridays from 9:15-10:15am throughout June, and am also offering a Women’s Workshop with Murielle Corwin on June 17 – details below.



Unwind with Dynamic Ease

All my life, I’ve been a “make things happen” kind of person. That tenacity has its good side – and lately I’ve found it especially exhausting.

Years ago, I learned about dynamic ease through the Nia routine Sanjana. This concept has potential to bring into balance the push and energy out with a receive and energy in. “Dynamic is described as the action of infusing what you do with energy. . . Ease is described as the sensation of relaxation. When action, the energy expenditure phase of a movement, is balanced with relaxation, the rest and recovery phase of a movement, the body becomes organically physically strong and flexible and energetically harmonious and balanced.”

Sounds good, right? I definitely need more balance in my life, and I played with the idea and learned from it, but never got to the place where I felt a full click of dynamic ease in my body.

Several weeks ago, I took a class Feldenkrais method lesson for the first time. The Feldenkrais method is one of the nine movement forms of Nia – bringing conscious awareness to movement, especially where there’s effort in a part of my body that isn’t even moving. Since that lesson, dynamic ease clicked in my body in a new way.

Now, when I take a moment to scan my body for places where there is effort where there could be ease, I find ways to rest and relax in that moment that I never knew were possible before, so that I truly can “do” with much less effort than I thought possible. When I close my eyes, I realize my forehead is tense, when I relax that, I find my toes gripping the carpet, then I sense holding in my right shoulder. As I consciously release each, I sense an unwinding in my body, replacing effort with effortless pleasure.

Join me for Nia class this Sunday morning in Wiscasset, for a focus on sensing ease while moving. To go deeper and unwind the tension in the connective tissue that can hold tension in the body, meet me in Unity for a workshop on April 1, followed by class.

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